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Our Wharton MBA application guide has EssaySnark's latest learnings, Jump down this page to a list of EssaySnark posts on these Wharton essay questions! You're encouraged to apply in the first round at such a competitive school. .. SnarkStrategies Guide for Columbia Business School - updated for Class of.
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Be specific about which industries you are focused on and how that focus will shape your time at Wharton.

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Give admissions officials a preview of how you will take full advantage of the schools impressive academic and professional resources. There is no short cut with this essay.

Failing to do enough research about the school will result in mediocre essays that will negatively affect your admissions. The second question tackles the opposite side of the coin, asking prospective MBAs to share more about their personality and interests.

How to Answer the MBA Essay Question: 'What Will You Contribute to Our School Community?'

Make sure you offer that insight. While Wharton has so much resources and opportunities for students to engage with, it is important to pick the items that matter the most to you. Pick a few, possibly three things and drill down to share how you will be able to contribute to those things.

MBA Application Checklist & Prerequisite Requirements

What is important is that you show how you will contribute to Wharton through your engagement with the particular things you choose. If you are having a hard time deciding which traits to focus on, think about your role in previous personal and professional communities.

Harvard, Stanford & Wharton Essays: From Strategy To Story With MBA Prep School

What might colleagues or friends remember as the best trait or interest that you brought to the table? In adding a question back this year, Wharton is telling MBA applicants that they need more information, not just about your professional life, but also about your personal motivations, challenges and passions.

Wharton MBA Admission Requirements

The curricular pre-requisites for transferring into Wharton or Engineering as a junior are both specific and extensive. As we reviewed Wharton and Engineering transfer applicants, we consistently saw that most applicants were unable to take the coursework necessary for a seamless transition into these schools.

We hope this change will help applicants focus on the schools and programs that best align with their interests and preparation, and that allow them to successfully transition to our campus. This means that certain students will simply be trusted to honestly report their highest scores on their applications and only send in official corroboration of their scores if they ultimately get into and deposit at Penn later in the admissions cycle. Craig Meister, the CollegeMeister , is the publisher of Admissions.

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