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PSAT/NMSQT is a registered trademark of National Merit Scholarship DEADLINE: Your completed National Merit Semifinalist Application is due to . an NMSC Selection Index score using the Reading, Writing and Language, and Math Test.
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Your daughter will learn of her Semifinalist status automatically in September. I think my daughter has a good chance of making finalist- she got a in Oregon, and just took the SAT and got Right now she has a 4. My questions are:. Would a non-traditional senior year keep her from making finalist status? This is because basic school and taking care of her health is enough.

She did have a full time summer science internship last year that she will get to do again this summer. Do you know if there is an appropriate place somewhere on the finalist application where these kind of circumstances can be explained? Finalist status is important to us because we are looking at some of the schools that offer the large merit scholarships.

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She is not planning on applying to any elite or highly selective schools- we are just looking for the financial help. HM, It looks like your daughter will qualify as a Semifinalist. So what does she need to become a Finalist? Sounds like she is there I am assuming that the 4.

The non-traditional senior year will not be a hindrance. I doubt that this will be a problem. They only come into play when choosing students for corporate and NMSF-sponsored scholarships. The largest awards are from colleges, and those are almost always available to all Finalists. The application is quite short.

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  • Students I have talked to have not mentioned it. Even the space for extracurriculars is quite short. I think your daughter has an excellent chance of being a Finalist. It sounds like her focus at this point should be on doing her best this semester. It looks like the max score was Are the scores comparable, such that she effectively got a ? It allows schools to test sophomores later in the year, which can be helpful when looking at such things as junior year AP placement.

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    You may come across posts from students very upset about the scaling for the October 24 test last fall. Two wrong on math dropped a student to and out of contention for National Merit in many states. ERW was not a lot better. In contrast, a student taking the October 10 exam could have missed 4 ERW questions and 2 Math questions and still ended up with a SI. Question: My daughter is a NMF , and waiting to hear admissions decisions from colleges.

    My question is this: could selecting a school as 1st choice influence the admissions decision from a school? For instance, if I have applied to University X, and put them down as 1st choice for the NMS, would they learn about that March 1st, and could that influence their decision to admit me to University X? This is especially true at colleges that do not sponsor awards, since they have no reason to monitor the lists from NMSC and may not even receive them.

    Hi Art, If a student makes it to the Finalist stage, should they inform the colleges where they have applied? The colleges already know that the student is a Semi-Finalist. Do you think this news is a useful update for colleges to have prior to making an admissions decision? Thanks, Deborah. Deborah, The case where I would definitely update is where the school offers significant financial awards to Finalists.

    Non-selection letters were mailed January 10, NMSC confirmed this via telephone; however, the person I spoke to warned that individuals may be removed from the process after that date. The same source confirmed selection letters will be mailed to schools on February 4, , as previously scheduled. Student notifications will be mailed on February 11, , also per the schedule.

    Robert, Thank you so much for sharing this specific information for potential Finalists. It is January 28, If a non-selection letter has not been received by this date, is it likely my son has achieved National Merit Finalist status? Just a little longer. Sawyer, I am a senior that qualified for the semi-finalist position.

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    I also have a very balanced and active extracurricular regimen. I would say that my weakest point of my finalist application would be my GPA, but it is still definitely competitive at a 3. I know a 3. How are my grades not good enough? Why was I kicked out? All the sites I read said that as long as I kept a 3. How is a 3. Am I missing something? Anyways, thank you for reading.

    I would appreciate your input.

    Thank you, Sarah. Sarah, Congratulations on what you have achieved. If it impacts your scholarship situation, then you should absolutely follow up with NMSC to see if they can provide you with more information or tell you if there is any appeal process. I will say that the 16, Semifinalists have very high GPAs.

    Even a competitive 3. It does seem, though, like you deserve more of an answer. You can reach NMSC at Thank you for sharing your situation. Good luck! The score was also broken out to 39 reading 37 English and Could you please confirm if the above calculation are used or some other re-scaling due to the difference in the max points in the PSAT and SAT. Thank you, Daniel. Daniel, I just recently received confirmation of this from another reader.

    You are correct that scores are capped at 38, and your calculation of is correct. My question is: Based on other comments of students having higher SI, how could she have qualified with a SI of ? Being eligible for National Merit or meeting the entry requirements is not related to the SI — which is very confusing given that the asterisk for non-eligibility is next to the SI.

    Instead, eligibility simply means that the student is in the class of and meets the citizenship standards. That applies to about 1. Hello Mr. Sawyer — Thanks for the great information.

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    He got great score and not planning to retake the test. They want a confirming score to be no earlier than October of sophomore year. He has plenty of time, of course, to see how he does next year and to decide whether or not qualifying as a Finalist is something that matters to him. Thanks for the advice. He took ACT and got a perfect score of Hi Art, I live and go to boarding school in CT.

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    Does it change anything that I live in CT, where I go to school? Would I just need to reach the CT cutoff? Thanks, David. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Please enable JavaScript to submit this form. The trademark holders were not involved in the production of, and do not endorse, this website.

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    Your school will need to provide its recommendation and electronically submit your application in the second week of October, What is the National Merit Finalist essay prompt? About Art Sawyer Art graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University, where he was the top-ranked liberal arts student in his class. Sign up for Our Newsletter.